Deep local roots. Connected with the world.

Deep local roots. Connected with the world.
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Welcome to the Country Women’s Association of Neumuenster and the surrounding communities.


We are pleased that you are interested in our Association and would be happy to greet you soon as guest to our next events.


Country women in towns - well of course!  Each woman with an interest in "Country Women" is most cordially welcome, and would become a member in our Network.


It won´t even set you back more than 2 Euro per month, and the "Association of Neumünster´s Countrywomen" offers the possibility to participate in a wide variety of events at local and countrywide level.


These are up-to-date and informative, and will have amongst many things health, cultural, creative and sporting themes on offer.


As an extra benefit, at the country level the Association also offers attaining qualifications.


The Association of Countrwomen of Neumünster and surrounding areas is 60 years young, and has more than 200 members. They have long proven that their skills go away beyond getting together baking cakes, and cultivating sociability, but that they also busy themselves with discussing themes and matters relevant to contemporary society, as you will see from taking a look at our website;


Do join us!

      (Heike Didszuns)


Here we are :

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The Country Women’s Association is the most important representative for the interests

of women living in rural areas:



We actively support a liveable country life. For villages and towns where life is worth living for, where there is a functioning community and infrastructure. For a way of life which is attractive and comfortable.



We create powerful women. With diverse vocational and further job training programmes for the career, with seminars which prepare women to make their own decisions.



We are involved. For jobs closer to home, for equal pay between men and women, social recognition of the work in the home and family, for the preservation of nature etc. more


  ("LandFrauenVerband Schleswig-Holstein", translated by Janet Klafs)